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 Assimilation: “Making Disciples of Jesus Christ”

 Equipping disciples to transform the world is the core part of the mission of the Church I serve. The church offers 8 Assimilation Tracks   to call, equip and send the spiritual leaders, called out of disciples, mathetes in Greek, meaning, “learners.” Assimilation tracks includes   a couple of phases of study and practicum in ministry. Those who go through “Lunch with Pastor,” 2 hour New Member study are   welcome to begin one of tracks depending on the areas of service.


8 Assimilation Tracks and Resources

 Practical Divinity and Holiness Track - Provides the participants with the

 resources for practices to become faithful people called “Methodists.” This

 course helps people explore the spiritual way of salvation. The course equips

 people to serve as representativeof the works of the Lord in the United

 Methodist connection through the Wesleyan practices of life journey.

 Worship and Devotion Track - Helps the participants serve in the areas of celebration and worship, including participation and   preparation for weekly Sunday worship as well as for season worship events, i.e., Lent-Easter and Advent-Christmas season.

 Sunday School Teacher Track - Provides with teaching skills and methods for discipleship ministry for all age group.

 Small Group Leader Track - equips the disciples with organization and leadership skills for small group ministries of the church.
 Lay Leadership Track - trains the role of laity in the life of the church, especially for the business and operation of church’s ministry.

 Service and Outreach Track - Equips the disciples to recognize the needs of our friends and neighbors within the church, in the local,   regional and global community.

 Prayer and Care and Pastoral Visitation Track: Trains the disciples to serve the congregational care, to carry out prayer ministries, and   to offer pastoral visitation.

 Witnessing and Evangelism Track: helps the disciples learn the effective ways of reaching out unchurched people to introduce Christian