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 You Are the Church - Scattered

 We the church, ecclesia in Greek, meaning literally "called out," yet to be sent truly being sent this season of Lent. The outbreak of   Corona Virus 19 now is pandemic. Good Shepherd campus and Savage Campus of the United Methodist Church made a difficult   decision to cancel church on Sundays for the preferred option for the initial collaborative effort of ending of Corona virus pandemic   with all the socio-political connections around the globe.

 Since March 17, 2020, President Trump requested for

 avoidance of gathering of greater than a group of 10.

 Bishop Easterling, the Episcopal leader of The Baltimore-

 Washington Conference of The United Methodist Church

 declared close of the liturgical gathering in the 632 local

 churches at least for three consecutive Sundays in March 2020.

 Many worshipers are frustrated with their distance to their

 houses of prayer. This should be true moment that we 

 can be the church!

 While stay away from one another for the initial collaborative effort to delay the spread of the viral infection, we should stay   connected. Good Shepherd and Savage will offer a few ways to get us connected. For this work, we need to help one another.

  • For Sunday worship, Rev. DaeHwa Park will televise a brief pastoral greeting and homiletic messages each Sunday
    • for worshipers of Savage Campus at 9:30 a.m.
    • for worshipers of Good Shepherd Campus at 11 a.m.  
    • for an easy listening to the livestream, you may want to request "mutual friend" at Pastor Park's facebook account:
      • https://facebook.com/DaeHwa.Park
    • You may want to mail your tithe to the church. Do not send cash. Money order or check with your name and address! 

  • Pastor Park will keep office hour as informed by Sunday bulletin, mailed to each Sunday
    • for any pastoral counseling limited to 30 minute per an individual or a party, please call at church office
      • Savage Campus at 1-(301) 725-7630
      • Good Shepherd Campus at 1-(301) 434-3331

  • Share your wisdom to "End Corona Virus 19" through Pastor Park's twitter @DaeHwaPark "#EndCoronaVirus19"
  • Maintain your own understanding about Corona Virus at CDC website
  • Wash your hands thoroughly while going out and coming in, caring for others, and helping others like the Good Samaritan. ​