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 Korean Spirituality

 Korean Spirituality has been evolved over time through a synchronized faith of Shamanism, Buddhism,   Confucianism and Christianity. Shamanism gave birth to an element of bidding aspect of faith with divinity and mysticism. Buddhism   a process of sanctification through eight right paths to enlightenment! Moral vision of the Korean people has been deeply indebted to   Confucianism. Each religious system provided Korean people with a spiritual ground for their identity and relevance. Christianity was   introduced to Korea as early as 7th century C.E., yet the faith never find its home until all the religious faiths failed to secure people   and their land from foreign powers in the the 18th century. Roman Catholicism, known as "SeoHak, meaning "instructions or the way   from West," fed the Koreans' spiritual hunger and thirsty at first. The Protestant  faith began to replace the existing religious belief   system. Early 20th century, some Korean people became hostile to this new spiritual force. Others considered taking new faith as   adopting a vehicle of modernization. Churches attempted to proselyte people deeply committed to their own religion. Reaction to   "SeoHak", the movement of "DongHak," "learning from East (of Korea)" rose and later settled with "CheonDo Gyo," - Heavenly Way   Faith. Both Roman Catholicism and CheonDo Gyo went through severe persecution from the Yi-Dynasty and its government on   account of radical teaching and practice. Memorial ceremony for the dead ancestors was considered as idolatry. No favoritism,   advocacy on equal treatment and liberation of slaves, creation of man in God's image, etc.led to an end of feudalism. Today, Korea   became one of the fastest growing countries with Christian faith with freedom of religion. Some people identify Koreans as "builders of   churches" wherever they settled. 


 Rev. HoMoon Lee (5th portrait below) inspired me to answer the Call to Ministry at my age of 10. He serves as pastor emeritus at   SungWui ("Righteousness") Methodist Church (3rd & 5th picture above), Incheon. He started the church with 200 gamblers.