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Holy Living

I like Peter, one of the 12 followers of Jesus of Nazareth. Through his life with Jesus and His gospel Peter demonstrated a life of an ordinary man, growing his spiritual maturity. He talked about our call to "be holy," which would generate a living hope among the people. I hope you and me to become holy in all that we do (1 Peter 1:13-16).

I understand holy living as the essence of Christian living. It is about restoring likeness of God through which we came into being as the children of God through faith (John 1:12). We may find ways to become more like God from our constant discipline to become "perfect and merciful" as He is.

Holy Living and Dying with Prayers Containing the Whole Duty of a Christian (1650) by Jeremy Taylor 

suggests "Care of Time" as the first step for Holy Living. 

"God has given to men a short time here upon earth, and yet upon this short time eternity depends; but so,

that for every hour of our life we must give account to the great Judge of men and angels." 

What would you do with the short time? Glorify God in all that you do. 

Rules for Employing Our Time

1. In the morning, when you awake, accustom yourself to think first upon God and at night also, let him close thine eyes: and let your sleep be necessary and healthful, not idle and expensive of time, beyond the needs and conveniences of nature..."

2. Let every man that hath a calling be diligent in pursuance of its employment, so as not lightly or without reasonable occasion to neglect it in any of those times which are usually, and by the custom of prudent persons and good husbands, employed in it.

3. Let all the intervals of void space of time be employed in prayers, reading, meditating, works of nature, recreation, charity, friendliness and neighborhood, and means of spiritual and corporal health; ever remembering so to work in our calling, as not to neglect the work of our high calling; but to begin and end the day with God, with such forms of devotion as shall be proper to our necessities.

4. The resting days of Christians, and festivals of the church, must be days of idleness.

5. Avoid the company of drunkards and busy-bodies, and all such as are apt to talk much to little purpose...