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 ​​Hangeul-Korean, World Easiest Language for Literacy

 King Sejong (R. 1418-1450), longed for enlightenment of the ordinary people, exploited and humiliated by the people called, Yangban,   upper class who learned "Hanmun, known as Korean way of phonetic adoption of Chinese with very high cost. His whole political   career was about to be taken by the strong resistance when King Sejong proceeded its secret project. Published proudly in public, this   new innovative language was rejected by the majority leadership, including scholars, males, and wealthy people. Spread among   women and slaves rapidly, hangeul became the most important tool for literacy for the whole country. Hangeus gave birth to silent and   bloodless revolution in the Korean society. Later, the Gospel of Mark was translated in Hanguel by SuJung Lee in 1907. The gospel   spread rapidly to the minds of the ordinary and marginalized people in Korea.

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