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Holy Living and Holy Dying

We all are called to live a life holy, referring to a life different from our daily routine. In his book, Holy Living and Dying with Prayers Containing the Whole Duty of a Christian, Jeremy Taylor argues, "God hath given to man a short time here upon earth, and yet upon this short time eternity depends; but so, that for every hour of our life (after we are persons capable of laws, and know good from evil) we must give account to the great Judge of men and angels." To the question "What would you do with the limited time?" I answer simply: "Glorify God in all that you do!" This page shows my own way to engage in a Holy Living and Holy Dying - A life styles comes from our coming into being as faithful stewards in God's Kingdom and making right relationship with God as His child. It begins with balancing lives with faithful services during days between fabulous rest on Sabbaths, on which I conform eternity with my family each day on a specific part of the planet earth, known as Olney.