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 Journey Home for Christmas - Advent-Christmas at Good Shepherd

​ During the season of Advent, the worshipers will hear the witness of the Word, with the sermon series, “Journey Home for   Christmas.”   While waiting for Prince of peace, Good Shepherd will gather to anticipate the coming of Jesus as Hope, Way, Joy and   Peace. This   year, we hope people are away from faith come church home. A response, “There is no room in the inn” in the first   Christmas will turn to a joyous shout-out—”There is room in the inn.” Come and   worship. Come and worship new born king, with     your love ones. Help those who are away from home find a way back to home. The worshipers will explore what Christian believers   can do for their common home—Planet Earth with the contemporary concerns of “ecological crisis,” primarily derived from climate   change. For questions, comments, and any further study, please keep in touch with Rev. DaeHwa Park at daehwa@gmail.com.



Journey Home for Christmas

Sermon Series