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 American Methodism

 Over the last two decades, I have served as an ordained pastor in several local churches of The Baltimore-Washington Conference of

 The United Methodist Church. "People called Methodists," professing members and friends of several UM churches I served

 demonstrated to me a picture of American Methodism. It seems quite different from one another. Perhaps, the doctrinal heritage,

 saying "Our preaching and teaching were grounded in scripture, informed by Christian tradition, enliven in experience and tested by

 reason," resulted in a variety of "methodist" practices in the personal level. Some tried to convince me with a particular pattern of

 worship that they cherish. Some would question about the liturgical patterns I have learned from a Methodist Theological Seminary and

 a couple of other well-established United Methodist churches.  Others would demonstrate their own religious practice. While honoring

 the unique expression of their faith, I was getting more to elaborate what's core teaching and practice of American Methodism.

  • Practical Divinity: Holy Living and Holy Dying
  • Scriptural Way to Perfection
  • Understanding on Grace, Gift and Fruits
  • Collegial-ism and Connectional-ism
  • Inclusiveness
  • Servant Leadership
  • Itinerant System & Several Paths to Ordination
  • Role of Laity
  • Membership, Discipleship and Stewardship
  • Evangelism & Mission
  • Superintendency
  • Managerial Episcopacy
  • Agencies vs. Local Churches
  • Almost Christians vs. Altogether Christians
  • Means of Grace (Institutional vs. Providential) - Works of Mercy and Works of Piety
  • Conferences: Charge, District, Annual, Jurisdictional, Mission, Central, and General 
  • ​Basic Pattern of Worship
  • Sacraments: Holy Baptism and Lord's Supper
  • Ecclesiastical Acts: Counseling, Wedding, Funeral, etc.
  • Leadership Development
  • ​The Primary Task of the Church
  • The Mission of The United Methodist Church and that of Each Local Churc​h
  • Our Beliefs

 I hope this page helps us stayed stick to the mission of the Church as Jesus Christ envisioned.