Made for More

  New Sermon Series

 While our spiritual journey toward the end of Christ’s time for the church, worshipers will hear the gospel of Jesus Christ from the

 pulpit.  You’re made for more. This sermon series is associated with stewardship campaign that helps us as the church to prepare for   the year of 2020. You will hear how to face new decade with the gift of time, talents, and treasures. As the individual child of God, you   will discover who you God says truly are. Come and worship. Come with your spouse. Bring your coworkers and friends. Prepare your   children on Sundays lest they miss the great message, by which they can hear whom truly God says they are. Encounter friends of   Jesus each Sunday. “Made for More” will help you confident on your path to new decade.


Means of Grace that Shape Our Future

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Pledge Sunday - November 6

Thanks-in Giving - November 20


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