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Grow Congregation thru Asian American Ministry

GCAAM is a church-wide campaign to develop the ministry of local churches of The Baltimore-Washington Conference. The Asian American ministry aims at helping all English-speaking churches of the Conference to call, equip, and send the existing the Asian American members of the local church not only for a vibrant ministry and mission of the churches, but also for the community outreach to their own cultural or racial groups or to other Asian people through small group activities or community outreach programs.

The mission of the team is “to build [Acts 2] churches to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the end of the earth and to balance the mission and ministries for the transformation of the world.” The team envisions helping the local churches to create a ministerial environment to welcome all persons and Asian Americans in particular from the community where they serve; to strengthen the existing Asian American members and regular attendees for deeper commitment to Christ and His Church, to equip and send these Asian American disciples to their own cultural and racial affinity group to bring the gospel of Christ in more effective way.