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​ During the season of Advent, the worshipers will hear the witness of the Word, with the sermon series, “New Creation: Rescued in the   Present Evil Age!” The congregation will begin New Year with the Apostle Paul’s letter to Galatians. On Epiphany Sunday, January 5th,   the worshipers acknowledge God’s presence among us. He empowers us. While receiving Jesus as the Son of God at His baptism, on   January 12, we will reaffirm our faith in Jesus. Come and be sprinkled by water and appreciate you as being born  from above. On   January 19, we will celebrate “multi-contextual ministries.” There will be the  Commissioning service for lay leaders, nominated at   Church Conference. Then our worship event will continue in February with various acts of worship to receive God as our Creator,   Redeemer, and Sustainer. Come with your friends and be created with New Year’s Resolutions God wants you to consider from Paul’s   admonition! 



New Creation: Rescued in the Present Evil Age