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 Resources for Holy Living

  • Biblical Leadership Models: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Jethro, Nehemiah, Appolos, Paul, and Jesus
  • Patterns of Thoughts throughout the Ages (Dr. TaeDong Han)
    • ​Eastern Thoughts
      • ​Primitive Undivided Thought Pattern: Mystic Way of Living of Ancient Society
      • The Book of Change (주역) and Its Philosophy of History
      • Thought Pattern of Taoism (노자 장자)
      • Thought Pattern of Confucianism (공자의 논어)
      • ​(묵자의 사 유 달 삼리)
      • (한비자의 법가)
      • (퇴계 이황과 율곡 이이의 성리학)
      • (금강경의 석가사상)
    • Western Thoughts​
      • ​Greek Thoughts from Comedy "King Oediphus" - 2D Dualism
      • Aristotle's Teleological External Abstract and Internal Analysis
      • Christian Theology of Paradox
      • Agustine's Philosophy of History: "The City of God," derived from Confession, Autobiography
      • Thought Pattern of Renaissance from Boccatio's Decamelon and Galileo's Acceleration Principle
      • Thought Pattern of Renaissance: Juan Luis Vives and Lorenzo Valla
      • Religious Reformation: Martin Luther & Poincare
      • Kant's "Transendental" and Hegel's Reservare, Dolere, Elevare
      • Manheim and Karl Marx
      • Burkhardt
      • Francis Bacon and George Bull (1815-1864)
      • Adjoinedness

​ ​Korean Thoughts: Making People Blessed!; Living in Harmony

  • Methodist Movement: Holy Living and Holy Dying of Jeremy Taylor, Scriptural Way of Salvation of John Wesley
  • Modern Theologians
    • ​T. Chardin
    • Feuerbach