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Left Above: The Family Genealogy of Mine

Right Above: Ref. Helps Me Locate the Contemporaries of My Ancestors throughout History

Left Below: Fun Reading of My Contemporary Living in the States

Right Below: Events While I AM Here on Planet Earth


 Born and grown up first three decades in a unitary country of South  Korea with one language (Korean), one culture (Korean Wave), one  race (People of BaeDal, 배달/倍達, literally meaning mastered fully), I  have learned what has made me unique as the 53rd generation of my  own family - the Park of ChoongJu, derived from 69 B.C.

 My trip to United States to learn about "Practical Divinity" - a means  of grace to shape my future back in 90s allowed me to engage in 

 a life of diversity. Here are they. 

  • My Pals and Local Urchins in Ponae, YangMak, Sapkyo, Yesan
  • My Church Family in Churches in Korea
  • My Friends in Uniform 
  • My Buddies Who Lead Today's Korean Society
  • My Neighbors in Washington D.C. and the Greater Area
  • People of "A Promised Land" (Mid-Atlantic) between the Potomac and the Shenandoah 
  • My Contemporaries living in Adirondack Mountains and New England along the the Hudson
  • My Colleagues in God's Kingdom Movement in UruguaySky People of Caldera in San Pedro, Guatemala
  • People Before My time who Connects the East to the West at St. Louise, Missouri.
  • My Friends Gathering around Kiva, a sacred chamber in Desert South West
  • People Seeking Virtual Reality in Silicone Valley and in San Francisco Bay Area
  • Farmers of Slinas Valley
  • Residents of Oakdale, My New Hometown​